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Intoxicating Wine and Champagne Soaps
By Lisa Link

I prefer herbal and food-based scents in my bath products, so I was delighted to try some products that focused on the "fruit of the vine." While I expected to receive products with a pronounced bright, grape-y smell, I was surprised by the complexity of scent in these items.

Not only did I smell tart fruit top notes, there were middle and bottom notes of herbs and flowers that added interesting, sophisticated layers of fragrance. Truly a gift straight from the Bacchae themselves.

Delicious, Elusive Scent
Suisun Bay Soap Co.

The first item I tried ended up being my favorite! The Wine Bath Soap from Suisun Bay Soap Co. (4 oz. bar for $3.75) is an olive oil based soap that has a variety of skin-soothing ingredients including jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, glycerin, and apricot seed oil.

However, the thing that makes this product a real stand out is the completely delicious, elusive scent: a blend of white wine, port wine, bergamot, rose, geranium, vanilla, and ylang-ylang.

As any bath/shower product aficionado knows, there are some scents that seem to "trip a trigger" in the brain, and produce feelings of happiness, contentment, and sensuality. This is most certainly one of those fragrances.

I've been telling my friends to add this product to their regime when they need a little spring in their step. As my friend Mikelle would say, this scent pushes a "yummy button" in your brain.

At first, I was a little worried that a bar soap, especially one that contains Umbrian Clay, would be too drying for my skin (I've been using gel cleanser for so long). But, I couldn't have been more wrong!

This soap moisturized beautifully, and seemed to leave the acid mantle on my skin intact. This soap is handmade, without chemical hardeners or preservatives, and is not tested on our fuzzy friends. Even the packaging is biodegradable!

After I ran out, I went back and bought four bars! Now, I wish Suisun Bay Soap Co. would make a unisex cologne in this same scent. I think it would be a huge hit.

Feel Like Sophia Loren
Spuma Di Sciampagna

I also tried Spuma Di Sciampagna's Champagne Shower Foam (8.9 oz. for $9) available at This liquid produces masses of gentle, moisturizing bubbles, and has really helped in combating my flaky winter-skin.

I've even shaved my legs with it, and was very happy with how soft and moisturized they remained throughout the day. Again, the scent isn't exactly what you would imagine. While you definitely catch a faint top note of tart grape, the smell is far more influenced by flowers and herbs.

While I wouldn't say the scent is only for women, I think that it would be safe to call it more "feminine." Probably because of the bottom note of baby powder, which added a soft, sexy roundness to this fragrance.

Think warmth and sensuality, in the classic Italian sense. This soap is made by Italy's oldest family business, so you know they're doing something right! Definitely a must-try for those of you in need of a little, simple decadence.

Spuma Di Sciampagna also makes an equally fabulous Champagne Bath Bar (4.4 oz for $5) for those who prefer their soap in a cake, as well as Champagne Body Powder (7oz for $13) for added dryness and protection during summer's swelter.

Want to feel a bit like Sophia Loren today? These products from Spuma Di Sciampagna might be a great place to start!

All in all, I find the complexity represented in these wine and champagne scents to be very alluring and unique. If hard, tart grape is what you're after, these aren't for you. But, I cannot recommend them enough if you want an interesting blend of herbs, flowers and vine-ripe fruit.

And, with the reasonable prices of these products, you can afford to try them all! Definitely an excellent value for such fabulous products.

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