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Nurse, Heal Thyself
Whimsical Earth
By Tonie Minsal

I thought the impetus behind Amy Cocheba's creating Whimsical Earth was an interesting one: sheís a nurse who suffered from chronically dry hands due to all the hand washing her job requires (I hear ya Girl!). Of course none of the chemical - laden products on the commercial market helped, so Amy did what any intelligent crafty babe would do - she made her own! I sure am glad she did, 'cause her line rocks!

Wow! Iíve never tried anything like Amyís Skin Gift Shower and Bath Butter ($14 for 8oz)! This butter is a blend of whipped shea, sea salt, and hazelnut oil, and the texture is like nothing Iíve ever experienced. You can use it as an exfoliating scrub, or you can scoop a dollop into your bathwater - I used it both ways and I loved it! I tried the patchouli, clary sage, and bourbon geranium blend, and it was just beautiful.

Iím not quite sure how I feel about the hazelnut oil - it has a really different texture - but me thinks I like it! This product left my skin soft and smelly. Amy whipped me up an oakmoss patchouli vetiver blend; she calls it Beginnings, and it is simply to live for - a must try!  Amyís choice of packaging here is just marvy - the jar fits in your hand poifectly with no jockeying around in the shower.

Iím a firm believer in really simple things: the more you know, the less you need. You need Whimsical Earthís Sea Salt Scrub ($17.00 for 16oz), a blend of sea salt, olive oil, and essential oil. I tried it in Patchouli, and itís amazing. Amyís patchouli is really green smelling- maybe thatís the combo of olive oil and patchouli - I dunno, but I like it!

Whimsical Earth also makes fun little Bath Melts (3 for $4.95), a simple but effective blend of cocoa and shea butters, molded into little bon bons. Amy doesnít add any fragrance to these, so the natural scent of the cocoa butter comes through loud and clear. How corny is this: these left my skin glowing! Itís true!

The Cocoa Butter Bath Tea (2 for $6.00) is amazing! I love cocoa butter anyway, and Amyís idea of blending chunks of it with botanicals, and sealing the whole megilla up in a giant tea bag is fab! I tried the vetiver, ylang, and tangerine blend, and I was so impressed with the fact that it left my skin soft and scented all day long!

Amy gets big points in my book for her tea bags not exploding all over my tub! I also tried the lavender-rosewood blend- man was it nice. This one blew a gasket in a couple of spots, but oddly enough, none of the innards escaped! Cool! I was even squeeziní it and staring at all the pretty colored bits in it, all mesmerized - ooh, ahh!

The Pure Whipped Body Butter ($8.45 for 1.5oz tin) is also really nice. While the orange ylang fragrance would not have been my first choice, it was quite pleasant. This is a serious moisturizer - when Amy says use only a dab, she means it!

Whimsical Earthís straight up Pure Shea Butter in Earth Rose (1.5oz tin for $8.65) is what really got me hooked on this line; Amy blends steam refined shea butter with a healthy dose of Bulgarian Rose absolute, essential oil of patchouli, and other goodies, and the result is positively addicting! I always say a bad rose is like a bad pizza - I canít stomach either one - so a rose has to be really fine to impress me, and this one is. The texture is just marvy - so creamy and beautiful!

Have you ever seen those little push sticks that some companies offer? I for one am not a fan of the stick - to me it screams "craft fair!" Well, Whimsical Earthís Hemp Butter Balm and Triple Butter Foot Care (both $6.95 for a 1oz push stick) sure changed my mind! The Hemp Butter Balm is moisturizing and not at all greasy, and the Herb Garden scent is pleasant. Totally fab item to keep in your bag, plus it looks cool.

The Foot Care stick smells beautifully of chamomile, and was wonderfully cooling and soothing when it went on. Finally, I tried the Aromatherapy Body and Massage Oil (2oz bottle for $5.95) in Cedar-Lime with a little trepidation; lime just reminds me too much of vodka gimlets! Surprise! Another hit! Really nice blend of fragrances here with a nice texture to boot. Visit to check out these and other fine products.

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