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A Passion for Organics
By Tonie Minsal

The impetus that spurred Diana at TerrEssentials to create her line is passion: Diana is passionate about enlightening people as to the effects of putting chemicals on their person. All of TerrEssentialsí products are certified 100% organic. I LOVE what Terressentials does with their ingredient listings: not only do they list whatís in their products, they list whatís not in them as well. I urge all you bathers to check out her site - itís very informative.

Terressentialsí baby range is top drawer - I loved every single product. All of the baby products share the same curiously pleasing scent, a blend of sweet orange, lavender, and rose geranium essential oils.

The Organic Baby Wash ($12.95 for 6oz) rocks- it has superior rinsability and leaves the skin nice and soft. The Organic Baby Massage Oil ($12.95 for 6oz) is wonderful- it absorbs so well it's almost invisible.

While I got a real bang out of the name, Organic Terrific Tush Treatment ($19.95 for 4oz) was a tad too stiff in texture for my liking. Once I managed to get it worked in though, it was really nice. It has an oddly pleasing fragrance just like the other products in the baby range, and I love the fact that itís waterproofing.

TerrEssentials Organic Baby Body Lotion ($16.95 for 6oz) is super-duper! Really light with no residue, nicely moisturizing, and leaves that fabu fragrance lingering. I canít say enough about this range- every item in it is a consummate winner.

I am so geeked over cocoa butter- I just love what it does for my skin, and the fact that the results last. Thatís why I love TerrEssentials Seductive Spice Anointing  Body Oil ($15.95 for 6oz). The fragrance is really spicy and earthy and mysterious.  Terressential Oils This oil has one of the nicest textures Iíve ever felt in a body oil; it's like putting liquid cocoa butter on your bod- you get all the benefits of the cocoa butter with the convenience of an oil.

I tried the Passionate Lavender fragrance too, and I must say, it was quite nice.  There are times when even the balmiest gal wants something lighter, and for those times, TerrEssentials Organic Flower Therapy Silken Velvet Body Lotion ($17.85 for 6oz) is perfect.

Truly natural lotions are notorious for having funky textures, but TerrEssentials has managed to get it just right. The name pretty much says it all: itís silky, velvety, and just a really nice product. This lotion is jam packed with just too much good stuff to list! It smells wonderful and is a pleasure to use.

I consider Terressentials Body Cremes ($21.95 for 4oz) to be more of a balm than a crŤme, due to the cocoa butter and beeswax they contain. The fragrances were a bit pedestrian for my taste - which is not to say that they arenít good, I just love really exotic stuff- but they do contain really cool organic ingredients.

These crŤmes are very stiff and thick at first, but once you work them in they have a nice texture with no greasy residue. They worked quite nicely to relieve my winter-ravaged hands, which is no small task! I think these are really pricey, but that may well be due to the organic ingredients used.

Iím more of a bar soap kinda babe, but TerrEssentials Organic Body Wash ($11.75 for 8oz) was pretty cool. I tried it in Sultry Spice; I was tripped out by the fragrance, another one of TerrEssentials curiously pleasant blends. This stuff left my skin nice and soft. I mixed this wash with some salt and made a really nice foot scrub with it!

I find liquid castile soaps to be drying, but I keep TerrEssentialsí Organic Chilliní Mint Tea Tree Hand Soap ($7.25 for 8oz) by my kitchen sink. While not my method of choice for hand washing, I did find it to have a nice, zingy fragrance. I actually multi-task with this product - I use it to do dishes as well as clean my stove, and I really like the fact that it does the job sans chemicals!

In case you havenít figured it out already, Tonie likes to smell good. Just because I use all natural products doesnít mean I want to smell like I just rubbed falafels under my arms. After years of trial and error, I finally found a natural deodorant that I like - Real Purity - the other ones Iíve tried simply donít work; so I was pretty skeptical when it came time to try TerrEssentialsí Organic Super Protection Deodorant ($10.00 for 3oz). I must say - I prefer my regular brand. The blend of essential oils does smell nice though.

TerrEssentials products are available at

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