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For All Stages of Motherhood
Earth Mama Angel Baby
By Tonie Minsal

Necessity was the mother of invention for Melinda at Earth Mama Angel Baby; to my knowledge, this is the only truly natural line that address all stages of motherhood: pregnancy, labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and baby care.

I told Melinda I  Earth Mama Angel Baby gift basketwish I had known about her company sooner, and she said she gets that comment all the time. Even if youíre not preggers or a Mommy, we all know someone who is - so remember Earth Mama Angel Baby for gifts.

Melinda addresses every area that needs comforting on a new Mommy - from top to bottom!  Melindaís partner Lori snapped the photos that are on the products, and theyíre some of the most beautiful, heart touching ones Iíve ever seen.

The Angel Baby Bath Blossoms (2oz for $12.95) is one of the most beautiful products I have ever used. You fill the little muslin bag with the melange of organic oats, calendula, chamomile and rosebuds, steep it in boiling water for awhile, add it to the bath water, plunk in your Angel Baby, and let the little tike steep like a bouncy little happy tea!

You can use the bag of herbs to scrub and scent your Angel Baby with too. I just adore the spicy sweet smell of calendula, and the combo of botanicals and oats is a fabu skin soother, as well as being a sleep inducer! Wow- Iím impressed.

Earth Mama Angel Babyís Angel Baby Bottom Balm (50ml for $7.95) is grrreat! Besides being soothing to little tushies, moms will love what it does for work-weary hands. Itís noteworthy that Melindaís choice of packaging is very thoughtful indeed: the jar lids have these little grippy things on them for ease of opening - smart, smart, smart!

The name says it all: Happy Feet Organic Herbal Foot Soak For Tired, Swollen Tootsies (7oz for $12.95). Another little muslin bag for you to fill with a beautiful organic herb, salt and essential oil blend. This soak is so wonderfully fragrant, due to its blend of rosemary, yarrow, and peppermint. What a nice excuse to sit back and relax for a few with a cuppa cocoa- I actually emerged with a spring in my step! Ahhh! Visit Earth Mama Angel Baby at

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