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They've Got Soul
Aromatic Soul
By Tonie Minsal

Cynthia and Kimberly, the owners of Aromatic Soul, started their business so that they could work at the most important job in the world: being at home with their children. I really admire and support that.

Kimberly, the creative half of the company, is known as The Mad Alchemist, and for good reason: she spent 8 years under the tutelage of Jeanne Rose, the grand dame of all things herbal, so itís no wonder that her products rock. What did come as a pleasant surprise was just how dang fun they are to use! 

I love love looove A/S's Synergies: essential oil combos with a multitude of uses! Try them in the bath, on your person, in a diffuser, as a room spray, to customize your bath and body products... My favorite is the Meditation ($12.95), a sweet frankincense and myrrh blend.

One evening I was feeling particularly out of sorts, so I added twenty drops of the Screaming Queenie ($9.50) (how great is that name?!) Synergy to my bath, and you know what? I actually did emerge feeling better

The Inner Child Synergy ($12.50) is one of those fragrances that smells edible; itís a pretty, happy scent. The Luna ($14.95) Synergy is really nice; it has a wonderful deep, dark blue color due to the chamomile it contains, and itís another one that smells good enough to eat! Reiki ($14.95) is an interesting Synergy; it had a piney mojo goiní that I quite liked.

The Butter Bars ($15.00- $20.00) top the list as far as fun goes; these dense bars look like giant confections. To use,  just hold the bar in your hands for a second to melt it a little, then, voila, you rub it all over. The bars are beautifully molded into various shapes, and are generously scented with Aromatic Soulís Synergies. The addition of beeswax gives them really nice staying power on the skin.

My favorite fragrance was the Sugar Kisses, an aptly named blend of neroli, lemon, and patchouli; itís sooo sweet and pretty. I also tried the Screaming Queenie; this is another one of those products that I never would have chosen on my own, and I ended up loving! The Belleh Butter Bar has the addition of cocoa butter in it, so it smells all chocolaty.

The Luna Bar is the prettiest- round with a crescent moon on it, and it has that same makes-ya-wanna-eat-it smell as the Synergy. The Sole Food Butter Bar is evidence of Kimberlyís wicked sense of humor again- itís in the shape of a little hang ten foot! Hah! This one has a softer, creamier texture than the other Bars; it made my tootsies feel very comforted indeed.

Aromatic Soulís Turbinado Body Polish ($25.95 for a 16oz jar), a concoction of Hawaiian red turbinado sugar, a mix of oils, and A/Sís Soothe-n-Smooth Synergy was a blast to use!

The huge grind of the Hawaiian red sugar combined with the soupy slipperiness of the oils gives this scrub a very fun, tactile texture, like some kind of goop a kid would play with. This stuff also holds up nicely in the shower due to those big olí granules.

The fragrance is really relaxing, and the oil blend is spot on - it leaves my skin smooth and slick like a little dolphin! Due to the size of the sugar granules and the huge oil to sugar ratio, I found this scrub to be more of a moisturizer than a hard-core exfoliator- so you can use it every day! Iím on my second jar of this scrub!

If thereís one thing Iíve learned from my gig here at Bathtime Suds Report, itís to be open minded. Case in point: Aromatic Soulís Therapeutic Salt Gloss ($22.95 for 16oz). Iíd given up on using salt scrubs because my skin is so sensitive, so I really wasnít expecting much when I tried this one - boy was I pleasantly surprised!

This is a very dry scrub, made with a mix of salts, oils, and scented with A/Sís Detox Synergy. Normally, I canít even scrub my whole body with a salt scrub- I have to scrub in sections and rinse off in between - itís just too irritating and stings too much. I donít know what kind of elfin magic the Aromatic Soul babes put into their scrub, but I scrubbed my entire body, not once, but twice, with no rinsing in between, and suffered absolutely no itching, stinging, or burning!

I donít know if itís the salt combo or the oils, and I really donít care - all I can say is bravo girls - youíve really changed my mind about salt scrubs! This scrub is very exfoliating, and left me with a sense of well being, which I suspect is due to the mineral content of the salts. Iím totally addicted to this scrub, and plan on ordering more; Iíve been using it every time I take a bath, and my skin is just baby soft.

I really liked the texture of Aromatic Soulís Bath and Body Oil ($18.00-$29.95 for a 4oz cobalt glass bottle) - the combo of oils is nice and light, while still being very moisturizing. Theyíre lightly fragranced with A/Sís Synergies.

I used these oils both in the bath and as an after shower moisturizer with equally nice results. The Ansia oil was very calming and soothing.  Breathe Easy is another nice one - great for when youíre feeling stuffy and in need of some mommy-like comforting. Now Detox is a fragrance that absolutely defies description - Iíd have to say that itís fresh, green, and sweet. Kimberly highly recommended this blend, and Iím glad she did.

Aromatic Soul also offers several Salves and Balms.  I usually never use anything that has mint or menthol or wintergreen in it, as I wear contact lenses and have to wash my hands 7 katrillion times afterward if I do. For this review (and because Aromatic Soul balms Kimberlyís such a doll) I gave A/Sís Pain Drain salve a whirl, and ya know what? It did seem to work! This is a handy salve to keep in your first aid kit - a 2 oz. tin retails for $12.95.

Aromatic Soulís Healing Salve ($10.95 for a 2oz tin) is tresí cool - I really like the thick, honey-like, gooey texture and tea tree aroma. Mamaís Comfort Salve has a really pleasant fragrance and a beeswaxy texture. Itís a very simple yet effective blend, and can be used for ďanything from sprained ankles to diaper rash!Ē

Kimberly was also sweet enough to make me a custom skin salve - the texture was really silky and beautiful, the ingredients fab, and I loved the fragrance. Call or e-mail her if youíre interested in custom work.

Finally, Kimberly and Cynthia have created little Anointing Oil Kits ($50.00-$60.00 per kit, or $15.00 each). These complex oils are used to evoke a particular state of being. There are three different kits: Goddess and Psychic, for ritual intent, and Chakra for balancing and/or clearing.

Theyíre packaged in dear little cobalt glass bottles and each kit comes with instructions. The Lilith oil is meant to evoke a sensual mood, and, wow - it works! Okay people, move along - nothing to see here - move along! Check out these beauty-ful oils at

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