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Grace's Goats
Grace Harbor Farms
By Melissa Miller

The next products I sampled come from Grace Harbor Farms. This company has an interesting history: "Grace Harbor Farms is located in the farthest northwest corner of Washington State. The old farm house has seen many changes. Built to house the headquarters for an oyster business in 1903, Grace's family acquired it in the 1940's when her grandfather retired from the mission field there.

At that time it was a cow dairy. It housed many enterprises through the years including an electric service company and a bed & breakfast. Tim and Grace reestablished a dairy there in 1999 but this time with Sanaan goats to provide the rich milk for their goat milk soaps and lotions."

The goat-milk soaps offered by Grace Harbor Farms contain only natural sudsing agents. The lather isnít as grand, but the products are highly moisturizing. The Goat Milk Soap Bars ($4 each) made with olive and coconut oils, are gentle and soothing on the skin. (Iíve read several accounts claiming success treating acne and eczema with the Lavender Goat Milk Soap).

My favorite product in the Grace Harbor line is the Goat Milk Liquid Soap (8 oz. for $6.95) in Lavender. It has a lotion-like consistency, derived from its luxurious blend of goat milk with soy and safflower oils. And I fell in love with the Goat Milk Cream ($12.95) which transformed my dry, callused, and tired feet; Iíll never be without this thick, rich treatment.

The line also includes shampoo and conditioner, bath salts and lip balm. The soaps and lotions are available in a variety of scents, including Freesia, Citrus, Almond, Peppermint, Vanilla, Plumeria and Raspberry. The Goat Milk Body Lotions (8 oz. for $10.95) are light in texture but moisturizing, with all-natural ingredients including goat milk, jojoba oil, avocado oil, seaweed and evening primrose oil.

The Liquid Goat Milk Soaps and Body Lotion are packaged in striking blue plastic pump bottles with charming labels. If youíre serious about your products being all-natural, Grace Harbor Farms is for you. Visit them at

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