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The Suds Reporters
Jill Sterling

Jill lives in Chicago with her husband and cat, Mr. Boy. As a busy public relations professional, Jill knows the value of a "spin" when it comes to selling a product.

That said, she doesn't believe everything she reads and just wants the product to deliver what it promises for a worthwhile price.

Dubbed by her mother as "a true consumer", she loves trying new things to pamper herself and finds the shower to be one of the only places to find some peace and quiet.

Originally from a medium-sized Southern town, Jill has adjusted to "big-city" living, although she finds her time to be fleeting and has found the internet to be a convenient avenue for shopping - hey, it's open 24 hours a day!

Plus, getting fun packages in the mail when she gets home can end a stressful day on a happy note! An avid aromatic bath gel and soap user, she has tried everything from high-end to drugstore bargain products.

She prefers showers to baths to feel that the day has been washed down the drain as opposed to sitting in it and dwelling on it.

In other words, Jill likes to get rid of it and come out smelling fabulous! Jill prefers using products that slough off the stresses of the day and smell and feel good to boot!

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