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Oils of Aloha
By Gigi Brewer

The second company whose products I sampled was a recommendation from a reader: Oils of Aloha on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Like Black Pearl's products, these are sure to please!

Kukui Nut OilThe good folks at Oils of Aloha tell us that "For centuries, Hawaiians have used the oil pressed from kernels of the kukui (coo-coo-e) nut tree to relieve and protect skin from salt water, harsh sun, and drying winds." Today, the kukui oil is further "refined and stabilized with vitamins E and C." This kukui oil is in all of Oil of Aloha's skin care products.

First I tried their glycerine soap (6 assorted 3oz bars for $15) in a very pleasant vanilla scent. Unlike some glycerine soaps that seem to melt before your very eyes, this soap lasted a long time, and proved to be very gentle and perfect for facial cleansing. 

Next, I took the daring step of trying their moisturizing cream ($10 for 4oz) in place of my favorite facial cream, with which I have been very satisfied. Oils of Aloha lived up to the challenge and I now have two favorite moisturizing creams.

If you want a good facial cream that doesn't smell like your grandmother's Oil of Olay, give this a try!

Kukui Moisturizing LotionFor irritated, chafed, sunburned or windblown skin, try their Kukui Moisturizing Lotion ($11 for 4oz) which is available scented or unscented.

Anyone who runs long distances knows that chafing can sometimes be a problem. As promised, this moisturizing lotion soothed and protected a painful area of chafing that appeared on my upper arm after an invigorating run.

For drier skin, try the Kukui Nut Oil ($11 for 4oz) which can be used directly on the skin or in the bath.

Incidentally, the literature contained multiple testimonies to its relief for those suffering from the effects of psoriasis, eczema, chemical and radiation burns. They also have some products grouped and packaged for gift giving. All products are 100% guaranteed and available at

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