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Swaddle Spa
By Tonie Minsal

With so many natural options to choose from, there’s absolutely no reason to use poisonous chemicals like petroleum, mineral oil, or talcum powder (carcinogenic waste products) on your precious babe ~ or your precious self for that matter! Swaddle Spa makes all natural products for both Baby & Mommy.

The Expecting Belly Butter, shea butter and avocado, & hempseed oils, fragranced with essential oil of Italian lemon, is my fave from this line. Really thick, smooth, creamy, & buttery. Smells like the juice of a fresh-squeezed lemon.

Swaddle Spa Owie BalmOwie Balm, with chamomile, chickweed, echinacea, calendula, & plantain, is good for rashes and other ouchies. Fragranced with tea tree oil & lavender, it smells surprisingly nice!

With Child Herbal Buttermilk Bath contains buttermilk, oats, herbs, & flowers. Sweetly scented with jasmine flowers & sweet orange essential oil, this is a pleasant, soothing bath for both mommy & babe.

Melt-A-Ways are blobs of cocoa butter that you throw in the bath. They come in two flavors: chocolate cookie & oatmeal cookie. Super moisturizing ~ ½ is plenty for a whole bath. I like to use these apre bain, just rub them on like a solid moisturizer ~ that way the tub stays clean!

Remember Swaddle Spa when you need bath & skincare products for Baby ~ and Mommy!
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