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Natural Child
By Tonie Minsal

I just adore English companies ~ their products never cease to please. Natural Child is a skincare company from the U.K., and lemme tell ya, their stuff is four star.

Natural Child baby care productsThe Nourishing Face Cream should be renamed ~ you can use it all over! With a pudding-like texture, & smelling fabulously of orange blossom, this product is more like an oil in cream form.

As far as being a facial cream ~ great, but donít stop there. Treat yourself to the benefits of sweet almond & extra virgin olive oils, neroli, & chamomile this product contains all over. Especially great aprŤs bain.

Natural Childís Bottom Butter is another hit ~ with shea butter, & oils of peach, evening primrose, jojoba, and chamomile, the texture is really nice, thick, & melty.

The fragrance didnít send me, but I suspect thatís due to the shea butter used, as I recognize the scent. Very soothing and healing on tushie rash. I like it for my hands, too.

The Baby Wash is a beautiful, beautiful product. Chuck that chemical garbage youíve been burning your bambiniís butt with, and wash and soothe him or her with this gorgeous concocton of organic rose, chamomile, & lavender hydrosols. Highly recommended.

Truly all natural lotions are really hard to find. Natural Child does it right with their Baby Lotion. This stuff is so nice ~ fragranced with chamomile & geranium, it leaves a nice little bit of sunflower & peach oil on the skin.

Natural Child also does a really mild Baby Soap; so soft and rinsable you can cut it with a butter knife. Nice.

Iím always preaching that people should stop with the poisonous chemical waste products that are mass-marketed for Babyís delicate skin. With products like Natural Childís out there, thereís just no excuse to not use healthy, clean skincare on Baby. So do it! :)

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