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California North
Skin Care for Men

By Cameron Jackson

Don't ask me how, but the gals at Bathtime Suds Report persuaded me into going into one of those upscale department stores and convinced me to check out the men's personal care department.

Looking and feeling like the proverbial duck out of water, I reluctantly parked my favorite bike at the curb out front and strolled inside. Talk about culture shock! I've never seen the inside of one of these department stores and from the looks I received many of the customers and employees were seeing a genuine motorcycle enthusiast up close for the first time.

I'm really nothing like those representations Hollywood likes to show the general public on the big screen. For some reason it made me grin from ear to ear when I noticed one of the girls behind those cosmetic counters smiling when I walked in.

I wondered if there would be much in here that would appeal to a guy like me - I like denim, hate polyester, ties and lapels, I love cotton and earth tones. I'm what you'd consider a down to earth kinda guy.

The first range of products I checked out were from California North whose line was created especially for active men exposed to the rough outdoor climates of Northern California.

Real world testing by mountain climbers, mountain bikers and sailors helped California North Skin Care Starter SetCalifornia North develop personal care products for men designed to counteract the visual effects of sun damage, aging, environmental and lifestyle factors.

I found their environmentally friendly and cruelty free skin care products appealing to my visual and olfactive senses.

A California North Skin Care Starter Set ($42.00) soon found it's way into my saddlebag. I had a road trip coming up and this would be a bit better than those miniscule hotel bars of soap that may last me all of a single shower.

My skin and hair takes a beating whenever I'm out on my motorcycle for an extended period and this was the perfect opportunity for me to try this line.

The Sea Blast Shampoo and Watermint Conditioner was great for my wind whipped hair - I noticed a difference after the first use. Mineral rich and hydrating, my hair and scalp felt great. The peppermint conditioner left my hair easy to brush and my scalp feeling cool.

The Razor Shavecream and Aftershave Care remain unopened - I kinda like the 25,000 plus whiskers on my face. I'll see if I can pass these to someone who can use them.

The citrus fragrance and non-abrasive formula of the Gelskin Wash was great on my skin, left me clean but a bit dry on my wind burned face. Following up with the  Action Moisturizer felt great and provided instant relief, especially on my cheeks. The Gelskin Scrub was reserved for another time when my skin isn't as stressed from my mode of travel.

The Titanium SPF 30 sunscreen to worked fairly well. I didn't notice my face to be as tanned as usual after a trip on my bike. Seems to block the sun's rays pretty well and I didn't notice a greasy or sticky feeling.

If you haven't tried men's skin care products, I suggest you start with a California North Skin Care Starter Set. Available a Nordstrom's, Macy's and Sephora.

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