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Cool as a Cucumber
Fresh Gentle Cleansing Bar
By Jill Bowling

The Fresh Index Extra Gentle Cleansing Bar made with 100% pure cucumber extract was wonderful. The cucumber acts as a natural emollient, leaving your skin extremely soft.

My upper arms had been painfully dry through the winter. I really noticed a difference in the way my skin felt after trying this product only one time. My skin has only become softer after using it several times.

It has a nice fresh scent and an astringent property that creates somewhat of a cooling sensation to your skin. It also has both shea and illipe butters that provide proteins to nourish the skin.

The borage and primrose oils act to soothe problem skin as well. There is a really clean scent from lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. The bar itself is a light green color and huge.

The box notes it is appropriate for face and body. I didn't try it on my face, due to my tendency for breakouts, but I'm sure it would be appropriate.

It lathers great and was wonderful to shave with. My husband liked it as well. It wasn't "feminine" even though it had the nice clean scent.

This soap sells for about $16.50 at, and $18.00 at A bit pricey, but worth it. The Fresh lotion products in this line range from $25 to $32.


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