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Fresh from the Kitchen
Good Home Company
By Debbie Steele

Good Home Company is precisely the type of company I love to support. It was founded by Christine Dimmick, a 31-year old NYC resident, in 1995. She apparently began mixing up concoctions in her kitchen, combining a love of cooking and nature to create a unique line of personal care and home-fragrance products.

Many of her creations are packaged in glass containers typically used for food: body powder in an oversized cheese container, peppermint foot scrub in a preserves jar and hand and body wash in what looks like a vinegar shaker.

Visit for more information on the company and its products, as well as plenty of photos. You can't purchase products from the company site, however, and both carry nice selections of this product line.

I tried out their Thick and Rich Body Cream ($24 for 8oz. but a little goes a long way), which contains olive oil, beeswax and calendula oil. It has a slightly sweet, waxy smell (don't buy this one for the fragrance).

Itís a light golden color and is the consistency of softened Chapstick, with a few pea-sized lumps. It takes about 10 minutes to sink in. After that, my skin did not feel greasy, but just a little tacky. After a few times, I began using it only on my driest areas: elbows, knees and hands. It did leave my skin very well moisturized, even the following day.

If youíre after something luxurious and sweet smelling, this is not the lotion for you. If, however, you want a serious moisturizer for extra-dry areas and donít mind a little stickiness, you might want to give it a try.

I next tried The Good Home Co.ís Body Moisturizer in Honey Vanilla ($18 for 8 oz.). This is a very lightweight lotion that can be applied easily to damp or dry skin. It has a very sweet, somewhat doughy smell (my husband repeatedly told me how much he liked the smell of this lotion. The moral: If you want my husband to think you smell good, try this lotion).

Because it is so light, it really didnít have the long-term moisturizing effects of the Thick and Rich Body Cream. If you like sweet, food-scented products, this would be a nice choice.

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